The “New” GJS YouTube Channel

How can you find the Gulf Jazz Society YouTube Channel? You need to SEARCH for it. The new Gulf Jazz Society YouTube Channel doesn’t have a custom URL because we don’t yet have enough subscribers to qualify.

You can help us solve that, so we can have a nice short YouTube link, like …if just 100 of our members go to our YouTube channel and click the Subscribe button!

By the way, when you go to our YouTube Channel you will find new videos in the Jazz by the Bay playlist for Mike Levine, Stephanie Pettis and Rio, along with Lisa Kellly and J.B. Scott, recorded live at Jazz by the Bay on Friday night, October 1, 2021 by Tim Trott Productions, using one Sony HD camera and an Iphone 11 Pro as a second camera, edited in.

Thank you to WesBass00 and the others who have already responded! We’re on our way to 100!